Password Security and Spam

18 Jul

Yesterday evening, an Oprius user’s passwords was guessed by a spammer, and they accessed their account with the intent of sending out malicious spam messages. Our security measures did catch the spammer, but not before they were able to send out spam emails. As a result, some of Oprius’ sending email IP addresses were added to some blacklists. Our team is working right now to have all of those results removed. Thankfully, this has never happened before, and you (our users) send out a high enough volume of “good” email that this should be resolved fairly quickly.

If you receive any bounce messages indicating that your messages were bounced due to spam, please Email Support and include the reason stated in the bounce message. This will help us speed up the process of re-whitelisting all of our sending IPs to smaller service providers.

Password Security

This is a great time to ask yourself how secure your password is. Unfortunately, we live in an online world full of malicious spammers who are always trying to get into people’s email accounts and abuse them by sending spam to their Contacts as well as to huge email lists. The easiest way to make this more difficult on them is to make sure that you have a strong password.

Passwords should NEVER be just one word. They should ALWAYS include letters, numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and some punctuation. Even that probably isn’t enough to make a strong password. Please check out this article on Creating A Strong Password That You Can Remember and change your password right now to something difficult to guess.

Test your Password in the Password Meter

Think about it – you wouldn’t leave your car parked in a downtown area unlocked or with the keys in the door handle. Having a simple password is just the same. These spammers are sneaky people and they will go through common password lists trying to break into your account. If you make it too easy on them, they’ll break in and abuse your account.

Learn How To Create A Strong Password Here

Oprius Security

I would like to emphasize this wasn’t a case of Oprius being hacked. Our servers are still absolutely secure, and this only happened because a user’s password was guessed. If you take the steps in the section above to ensure that you have a strong password, the chances of this happening to you will be minimized.

Our team is also implementing even more security measures to catch this sort of malicious use even earlier so that this sort of thing never happens again.

If you have any questions, please contact Oprius Support.

Now, go make your password stronger! To change it, log into your Oprius account and click Preferences (the blue wrench in the top right). On that page, you will enter your current password, then your new, strong password that you’re changing it to.



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